Hospicelink provides Hospice Care Providers with state-of-the-art DME management solutions that lower costs, enhance patient care, provide visibility into key operating metrics, and streamline business processes. Best of all, there's no cost to you. It costs you nothing to improve your business. Our cloud based application connects you to your DME supplier so you can manage all your patients' needs fast and easy right from your desk, on the go, or even at bedside.

Hospicelink benefits Hospice operators and DME providers alike, offering the following features and benefits:

  • Flexibility to use the best DME Provider at the best rate for each of your locations.
  • Real time visibility into DME spending, to help control your costs and improve compliance.
  • Access to our Network of DME providers in your area.
  • Accurate and timely billing each month.
  • Executive Dashboard with Key Metrics.
  • Simplified Contract Management, accurate and timely billing.

The Hospicelink DME Benefit Manager (DBM) model is built upon the following core principles:

Quality management – Patient care is always our highest priority. Our model ensures you always have the best provider at each of your locations. Our software monitors the quality of service of the DME providers. You are quickly able to manage your service level agreements as our software tracks the delivery performance of all of your providers. DME providers are always incented to perform at the highest level since there are always other providers that we can onboard to replace them if service issues arise. If issues do arise, our Account Management team will work on your behalf to quickly resolve the issue with the provider and put corrective actions in place. We also proactively reach out to your local teams when we are made aware of potential service issues reported by our other clients. When this occurs, we are able to work with your team to monitor the DME provider more closely than normal since we know there has been recent service issues in the same market.

Provider flexibility – We have an expansive provider network that is always increasing. We onboard multiple new providers every month. Since you will not be limited to a single provider in any location, we offer you the flexibility to change providers or onboard additional providers with minimal impact to your business and patient care. With Hospicelink as your DBM, we ensure you have the best provider and the best price for each of your locations. Hospicelink has the unique ability to serve you as an unbiased advocate. We partner with the best DME providers in the nation to provide the best DME services. Since Hospicelink does not, and will never, own or control a DME provider, we ensure our hospices receive the best service at the best price. As a result, our goals are always aligned with your goals.

DME cost savings – Since we manage DME providers for many hospices across the United States, we are able to negotiate the best rates with providers, as we are able to consolidate volume and lower prices. Likewise, our Network Management team is able to analyze your utilization and pricing compared to market and industry averages since we have access to so many providers. This information allows us have strong relationships with the best providers at the best rate.

Operational efficiencies – Our market leading software solutions simplify your order management and reporting processes at all levels of your organization. Not only do we consolidate billing across all of your locations and providers, we make it easy for your employees to enter and track orders. Your team always knows the status of the order and has complete visibility into quality and utilization metrics in real-time.

Service and support – We complement our software with a team of industry experts whose primary focus is you and your patients. We are your advocate and work on your behalf to ensure your patients receive the best patient care possible. Likewise, we strive to understand your processes and data better than anyone does. As a result, we are able to advise your team on actions they can take immediately to fix an issue, save money, or prevent an issue from occurring.