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Hospicelink is the largest hospice-focused DME benefit manager (DBM) in the United States. The Hospicelink DBM Solution® comprises DME technology, network distribution, spend analytics, and an expert consult team. We’re undertaking the biggest challenges in DME to make life easier for hospices, from DME partnering and data and utilization management to EMR/EHR integration and PBM and supply coordination.

What We Do | Our Network

+1.2 million total hospice patients served.

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What We Do | Our Network

Hospicelink is America’s premier hospice DME network.

With over 300 suppliers, 2,500 locations and 6,000 support staff across 50 states, Hospicelink is America’s premier hospice DME network. Our network capabilities mean service coverage anywhere you need it, anywhere in the country.

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What We Do | Our Technology

Simple. Intuitive. DME Technology.

It will change the way you work. Quicker, easier, and more advanced than ever before. Access the tools you need to deliver patient care, monitor costs, and more with a single touch. And do it all with the devices you use every day. Hospicelink is accessible from your desktop, Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android phone or tablet.

You need it. We built it.

Hospicelink, powered by InvaSoft®, is an ordering, billing, and reporting software that consolidates hospice clinical, financial, and operational information to a single user interface. Designed with input from all hospice stakeholders from front-line clinical to C-Suite, Hospicelink enhances hospice administration and management capabilities by increasing visibility into DME orders and DME billing, improving operational efficiency, and driving accountability across hospice organizations of any size.
We set out to create a user interface that distinguishes Hospicelink from competing platforms and encourages interaction between hospice users and the application. Gain access to customized reports that visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) such as out-of-formulary spending and other areas affecting the cost of DME services at the touch of a button, and share those reports with stakeholders across hospice organizations.
What We Do | Our Insights

Make smarter, faster decisions.

Big data and advanced analytics are creating profound opportunities for hospices today, yet only a small percentage of organizations are able to combine the right people, tools, data, and organizational focus to take full advantage of these opportunities. We deliver dashboard reporting providing insights that enable informed decision-making.
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Peer Benchmarking

Every meaningful metric.
In the palm of your hand.

Monitor spend metrics at the corporate, regional, branch and patient levels. Drill down with a single click to get the details on DME items that increase your total cost. With insight into all your DME expenses, you’ll find ways to increase savings you never knew existed.

Gain insights into the cost of patient care.

Discover the factors affecting the cost of DME services across your organization. Hospicelink reporting features provide easy access to actionable data such as utilization percentage, total patient census, out- of-formulary equipment spending, system usage, and other details at the branch, regional, and national levels.

Invoicing. Made easy.

Join thousands of teams that have simplified DME invoicing with Hospicelink. Process more invoices with greater speed, visibility, and accuracy. Without hiring more people. Manage all supplier invoices from a single dashboard. Consolidate invoices into a single “super bill”. Issue payments for services only after you’ve reviewed and approved charges.
What We Do | Experts

You can count on our experts.

Our team of experts comprises industry leaders from hospice, DME, pharmacy benefit management (PBM), and technology with over 100 years of combined experience. We support hospices in making critical decisions across clinical, financial, and operational areas at every level of their organizations, in whatever capacity they need us, from executive-level management to frontline billing and clinical personnel.

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