Hospicelink’s FAQs

Questions? We’ve got answers.

1Is Hospicelink’s software compatible with my electronic medical records (EMR) and/or electronic health records (EHR) software?
Yes. Hospicelink’s software can connect with your existing EMR/EHR software to further optimize care coordination and information exchange and supports the most widely used technology integration standards in health care.
2Do Hospicelink network providers offer per-diem pricing?
Yes. Hospicelink offers per-diem pricing.
3Do Hospicelink network providers set-up DME and provide in-service training on the proper use of DME?
Yes, DME providers do provide in-service training on the proper use of DME.
4Will Hospicelink work with our current providers?
Yes, Hospicelink can work with your existing DME providers. We find that many hospice clients prefer the familiarity of working with existing DME providers.
5Does Hospicelink have mobile capabilities?
Yes, Hospicelink is accessible from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android phones and tablets using the Hospicelink Mobile App, which is available for download on Apple iTunes.
6How can I find a network provider that operates in our service area?
Hospices in 49 states enjoy the benefits of working with Hospicelink. You can contact us directly at sales@hospicelink.com to discuss provider options in your area.
7How does contracting and invoicing work?
Hospicelink handles all contracting and invoicing with DME providers. Hospices simply review their invoices each month to ensure charges for the previous month’s services are accurate and complete. Hospicelink handles everything else.
8Does Hospicelink select the DME providers used?
Hospicelink works with each hospice to identify provider options in the service area but the final selection of providers is made at the direction of the hospice or with the approval of the hospice.
9How much staff training is required?
Hospicelink provides an instructor lead one hour training session to staff prior to the date staff will begin using the Hospicelink software.
10How can I learn more about working with Hospicelink?
You can contact us directly for additional information about working with Hospicelink at sales@hospicelink.com.